More than Our Trauma

Sexual violence is one of the most traumatic things someone can endure, and the process of healing is long and difficult. We may feel that we've lost our sense of self or that we are strangers in our own skin, completely defined by our traumatic experiences. Seeing ourselves through the lens of trauma can make many of us feel ashamed and unworthy, but the truth is that we are beautiful and strong beyond measure. Capturing that beauty and strength on camera serves as a permanent reminder that I hope will inspire survivors to move forward into the future with courage and confidence. My goal is to empower victims to take back control of their narrative by providing them a safe space where they can facilitate the healing process through a transformative photography experience.

Survivor Empowerment Sessions

  • Pre-session styling consultation
  • Hair and makeup artistry
  • 1 hour trauma-informed photography session
  • 5 8x10 matted prints and accompanying digitals of your choice

I know that healing can be a draining process, both emotionally and financially, so I offer these services at a steep discount to aid in accessibility. Due to this, spots are extremely limited. Please contact me to book your session.

Stories of Healing


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"I'm a victim and survivor of childhood sexual violence. Only in the last few years have I started to feel at home in my own skin and see my body as "mine". I know I can never go back to the way I was before the abuse, trauma changed me forever and left me with many invisible scars, but I am slowly reclaiming my strength. If there is one thing I want other victims to know, it's that being a victim is not a weakness. It takes incredible courage and strength to survive."

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